How to create instant trust at business meetings, conferences and social events

While on a weekend basketball tournament in Gothenberg, Sweden, I found a beautiful church that got me thinking about how to build trust with people.  This past week, I had meetings with some very wealthy individuals who liked to show their wealth too much and I also had a presentation at a Marketing conference.  This contrast of different people with very different agendas got me thinking about how I successfully navigate all these events and keep on being invited back, week after week, month after month.

In this podcast, I share my secrets of how I gain instant trust with business people at meetings, conferences, and social events.

Cover photo of Thomas Anglero
Cover photo of Thomas Anglero at Helsinki airport

After listening to this podcast, ask yourself how would you handle the next time you meet someone you have never met before.  Will you try something new or will you default to the same things you have been doing for years.

Try something new and treat yourself to meeting new people on a new level.  You will learn that it costs very little and only has an upside.


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